about us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed as a church family


our vision

A Church for the Broken, Called to Restoration.


Discipling and mobilizing the church to be the salt and light of Jesus Christ.

We follow Jesus

Our faith does not boil down to principles or ideas, but to a person — Jesus. Our aim, therefore, is not religious performance, but to walk with our Lord and to live in the good news of His life and message.

We worship passionately

The love that Jesus demonstrates for us compels us to worship with joy, authenticity, creativity, and commitment.

We see people

You are created in God’s image and made for his love. Therefore, we embrace your story, celebrate who you are, and walk with you in all your brokenness toward restoration in Christ.

We cultivate community

God calls us into community to be the family of God. Therefore, we use our gifts and abilities not to advance ourselves, but to serve one another as Christ served us.

We make disciples

Jesus commissions all believers to a life of growth and maturity. We, therefore, walk together intentionally to become more like Jesus.

We serve our neighbors

We believe that God invites us as partners in his work. Therefore, we seek to make him known among the nations and pursue justice for those around us, locally and beyond.

We live by the Holy Spirit

God the Holy Spirit dwells within us and empowers us to live out his purposes. We therefore, do not depend on our wisdom and strength, but actively seek to be led by the Spirit.

Our pastor

At New Mercy Palisades, we employ a round-table model for our pastoral leadership. By design, we do not have a senior pastor. Rather, the round table of pastors collectively function as the “senior pastor”.

There are numerous benefits to this model. It avoids building a church around a single personality, which can hinder community and can be a precarious foundation for a church. The round table functions as the pastors’ small group community, which help foster accountability and the health of our pastors. Also, rather than one senior pastor feeling the weight of responsibility, the round table carries the burden together. Additionally, because the pastors share the preaching responsibility evenly, the congregation also receives a profound spiritual benefit by receiving what we call a “balanced diet” of preaching. By learning from different preachers and teachers with different styles, approaches to spirituality, and life stories, congregants are exposed to a spiritual diversity that we believe promotes well-rounded growth.


Bob Koo | Co Pastor

Kee Won Huh | Co Pastor

Bobae Lee | Education Pastor