Full-Time Pastor



Position Snapshot

By design, our church does not have a senior pastor. Instead, we employ a round-table of pastors. These pastors collectively serve as the “senior pastor” of the church.

We are looking to hire a pastor that will join this round table. S/he will work collaboratively with the team to lead our church into the future. It is a full-time position.



NMPC: A Brief History

Four years ago, New Mercy Community Church (based in Hackensack, NJ) started a satellite service on the eastern border of Bergen County. The hope was to serve that region by providing a vibrant, gospel community. Quickly, the service became a thriving community, and a culture was being forged in powerful ways.

Over time, we recognized that more effective, gospel ministry could be accomplished at all of the New Mercy sites if each became a church in its own right. By doing so, each would have their own dedicated pastoral staff, leadership, vision, and mission. And this would enable each particular body to address the unique needs and makeup of its members with authority and contextual flexibility. This context-sensitive approach has been shown to significantly increase a church’s focus and its members’ ownership.

As a result, the New Mercy Network was born. In this network, member churches share certain core values (e.g., round-table leadership) but function as independent churches. Network churches also coordinate strategically to plant more gospel churches in the greater NJ area, which we believe to be a more efficient and effective model for planting churches and reaching a greater geographic region.

When you join this staff, NMPC will be taking its very first steps as an independent church. We are, essentially, a new church plant. And, as a result, we are looking for a pastor with the energy, work ethic, and vision to help build and lead a new body.

Our Church: At a Glance

A Church for the Broken, Called to Restoration

Discipling and mobilizing the church to be the salt and light of Jesus Christ.


Pastoral Staff
Kee Won Huh (Full-time); Bobae Lee (Half-time, Education)

Staff Model
Round Table

Palisades Park High School, 1 Veterans Plaza, Palisades Park, NJ 07650


79 adults; 38 children

Theological Distinctives

We believe the Bible is the unique and authoritative Word of God, which teaches all that is necessary for faith and life. The prominence of God’s Word over our lives shapes our priorities, and the unrivaled authority of the Bible directs our actions to be in concert with Christ’s very best for our lives. (From www.eco-pres.org/who-we-are.)

Jesus Christ & the Gospel
We are a gospel-centered church; however, we believe the gospel is most fully communicated in and through the person of Jesus Christ. The gospel is more than the message of salvation through grace through faith; rather, the gospel is the person of Christ and his relationship with us.

Reformed Theology
We hold to the general tenets of Reformed theology. However, because all human theologies are imperfect (i.e., none captures the totality and mystery of God perfectly), we hold to our theology recognizing it is always subject to reform and correction.

Justice, Mercy, & Missions
All followers of Christ are called out of themselves to bring the gospel, justice, and mercy to their neighbors.

Egalitarian Ministry
Men and women are indeed created with wonderful differences, but the Bible shows they are called to all levels of ministry and leadership in the church.

Continuation of the Gifts
The Holy Spirit still works in the church today as the Holy Spirit worked in the early church. We believe the spiritual gifts listed in Paul's letters continue to this day. However, we also believe those gifts need to be wielded with wisdom and sensitivity in order that we may minister most effectively in our modern and regional context.

Besides bringing glory to God, the primary task of the church is to raise disciples to be the salt and light of Jesus Christ.

Position Details

What kind of pastor are we looking for?

This position is a full-time pastoral position. Though it is part of a round table, each pastor must be able to fulfill the duties of a typical senior pastor (e.g., teaching/preaching, discipleship, leadership training, lead small groups, pastoral care, vision casting, administration).

However, each pastor should also be able to complement the gifts of the others. Given our particular makeup as a staff and as a church, we are looking for a pastor that specializes in these particular areas.

  • Education & Experience: Seeking applicants with a M.Div. and 5 years+ of pastoral experience.

  • Spiritual Gifts: Exercises some of the charismatic spiritual gifts (e.g., prophetic) and able to train others in them.

  • Pastoral Counseling: Gifted and knowledgeable in providing pastoral counseling.

  • Communication: Possesses strong teaching and preaching skills in conjunction with being an effective communicator (in all forms) with leaders and congregants.

  • Discipling: Committed to leading intensive discipleship groups. Capable of meeting and confronting leaders/congregants pastorally and constructively.

We are hoping to fill this position immediately.