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Going deeper with God


At NMPC, we believe that discipleship happens in a number of ways: regular Sunday worship including singing and hearing the preaching of the Word, witnessing baptism and partaking in communion, serving in a church ministry, engaging in prayer meetings, attending and participating in family groups and fellowship events, and simply cultivating and persevering in regular church community.

But we also believe it is important to be intentional in growing in our faith. We accomplish this goal by spending our own personal time with the Lord, and also by regularly sharing with trusted brothers and sisters in Christ. Therefore, we are pleased to launch Delta Groups in 2021.



These same-sex groups will consist of 3 people, including the leader. Each member will commit to the following:

Spending 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, with the Lord in reading the Word and writing down reflections
Meeting with the group for one hour a week to share reflections, keep each other accountable, and pray for one another.
These 2 commitments are agreed upon for a certain time frame, ideally for one year.

Such commitments will ensure that each of us grow in faith and knowledge along with developing Christ-centered friendships rooted in vulnerability and accountability.

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