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Membership Class

If you would like to become an official member of New Mercy Palisades Church, join us for our next membership class. Please register to be notifed about our next class.


Family Groups — our version of small groups — is the best way to get plugged into community here at New Mercy. Join one, and let’s do life together!

These are the current groups we are offering. If you are interested in a group you can click the group and fill out the form on the page or email the leader(s) of the group directly. They will then send you more information about their group (e.g., location address, exact meeting days).

Baptism & Confirmation

Once a person believes in Jesus and becomes a child of God, the Bible teaches that they should be baptized. Through baptism, the church acknowledges that the believer is part of the covenant family of God. Christians also baptize their children, bringing them into the covenant family which, in turn, will commit to raising the child in the faith until that faith becomes his or her own.

If you (1) want to become a follower of Christ, or (2) believe and want to be baptized, or (3) want to have your child baptized, please register for the next baptism course.

The course is three sessions long. Shortly after registration, you will receive an email with instructions about how to prepare for the first class. The schedule will be determined at that first class to maximize coordination and convenience among class takers.

ADULT BAPTISM: All sessions are required if you wish to be baptized or confirmed as an adult.

CHILD BAPTISM & PARENTS: If you are getting your child baptized and you’re already a baptized believer, you only need to attend the first session and you do not need to purchase the course material. However, if you are not a believer, you will need to get baptized/confirmed along with your child, and you will need to complete the entire course.

COURSE MATERIAL: Prior to the first class, you must purchase a copy of James W. Sire’s Beginning with God. This is the baptism course’s primary material. You can order your copy here for only six dollars. It is imperative that you read chapters 2 through 5 of this book prior to the first class, so please place your order well in advance.

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The Model
The NMPC Internship Program employs an apprenticeship model for growth and training. Just as Jesus trained the disciples by having them dwell with him in all that he did, the pastors of New Mercy will do life together with the interns. This is more than mere shadowing. It is an engaged, interactive, fellowship/relationship-based, empowering, and organic approach that will maximize both structured and unstructured learning.

Our goal is to couple intensive theological reflection with active mentoring in the context of a teaching congregation. Our internship program will share some elements with the CPE model, except that it will be a sort of “church pastoral education”, with interns engaging in deep, personal sharing as they interact with the staff, congregation and one another. Pastoral character and integrity will be explored as we engage in the practice of ministry.

The pastoral staff and members of New Mercy Community Church will share with the interns what we are learning as we build God’s church in our modern context in this particular locale.


Applicants must have finished seminary, be enrolled in seminary, or be in the process of applying to seminary.


Contracts are tailored for each intern. We maintain the broad goals of the program while adjusting for factors such as time, schedule, goals, etc.

Support & Compensation

All interns will receive a monthly stipend. If interns are participating in the NMPC Internship Program through a school field ed program, those students are required to adhere to the contract delineated by the school (e.g. hours on-site, etc.).



The internship program will involve the following:

Church Planting Experience – Because NMPC is a church plant, this is a valuable opportunity for future church leaders. Interns will be exposed to what it takes to plant and build a church. This hands-on experience will help interns develop critical skills for building and managing churches. Additionally, by learning to build the church from the ground up, the intern’s experience will be diversified since they will have ample opportunity to get their hands into multiple aspects of church development.

Leadership Training – Vision casting, empowering and developing lay leaders, running teams and meetings, administrative skills, character development, and so on.

Practical Theology – Applying theological knowledge in structuring down-to-earth ministry.

Discipleship – Interns will receive the collective mentorship of the pastoral staff. However, we do realize that most interns will gravitate toward one or two pastors. Discipleship will be structured to reflect this reality.

Hands-On Experience – Each intern will have the opportunity to serve in or lead ministries that interest them. In these ministries they will take a pastoral and leadership role. Interns will also be required to take on one major administrative task as well as participate in the initiatives that require the entire pastoral team. This will ensure holistic training.

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